About the Daz brand

Eazy Daz it

We’ve been cleaning Britain’s clothes for years, sixty years if you want to get all technical about it, and know that laundry should never be more than a simple task.
Bung it in dirty. Pull it out clean. Easy Daz It. That’s what we say.
So all our products are designed to do just that – proper cleaning, pure and simple. And at purse-friendly prices.

We won’t ever bore you with any of that hocus-pocus science and research twaddle. Because, simply put, we believe there’s more to life than laundry. Just as there’s more exciting stuff to look at online than this, like how to build a rocket powered scooter for your youngest, or checking in on Facebook to see what mischief your eldest has been up to.
So we won’t keep you. Have a good ‘un.